Carne Da Macello

by Seditius

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This is our second album. Released by a D.I.Y. conspiracy on september 2010. 10 songs recorded, mixed and mastered at the Cellar Door Studio by Gianluca Amendolara.

Datura Stramonium sings in Nero, To the Crows, Inferno III and Morte al Guinzaglio
Amen Satana sings in What About a Guillotine?, Inferno III, Caino and Rome is on Fire.
Illustration by Boris Leoni. Layout by Paolo Proserpio and Noodles. Gagno, Federico Dragogna, Davide Autelitano, Michele Esposito and Lapaguis were crucial while recording this album.

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released January 1, 2010



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Seditius Milano, Italy

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Track Name: A Turning Point In My Intifada
Face up reality can be too hard when you can just admit defeat. And now, what do you want me to say? When too many nights have been spent awake every dream you have just fades realizing you’re just a small powerless man. Half of me has been left out in the rain to rust. The other half is sweaty trying to take a stand. Details? No. No one understad. Tired and defeated after too many smiles, my best intentions cracked and died. When you’ve eaten stones too many times, when thirst is a desease deep in your mind… So, what the hell do you want me to say? When too many nights have been spent awake and you ain’t got time to fall asleep realizing that no one understand. When it’s been a life out of breath, when no hopes means no sleep, you got to decide between to be the subject or the object of a life.
Track Name: What About A Guillotine?
I only can laugh when I hear slaves talking about freedom, cause every time it’s so clear that something has gone wrong. And while you shake my hand with a smile down on your face you’re thinking how to fuck me up in the ass ‘couse we had slaves and masters and now just a wage and do you really think that something has changed? I think this is not the real meaning of living free. You know there’s a bullet for every king and knives waiting for every kind of Cesar but since the days of the guillotine our path never went that far. Time deep inside of me is puking needs and I know for sure I’ll be fucked up in the ass and all apologies i made down on my bad are built on the lie that something has changed. now tell me please what it means for you to be free.
I dont wanna die sad as a slave. Or as what here is known as carne da macello Feed like pigs as carne da macello. Feed with shit as carne da macello. No air to breath and in a whole existance made on privation and lies, what you call freedom won’t help you when you’ll die. Is there a way out? Set fire, set fire to minds, wake up, wake up or you’ll be fucked up. (again).
Track Name: Nero
Nero plumbeo il cielo, la voglia di tempesta. Il telefono non suona. Polvere in faccia. Corri, scappa a casa, chiudi bene la tua porta e poi tranquillo che finisce tutto quanto qui. Quando il materasso diventa di cemento, serve a qualcosa avere speranza? E se il cuscino è un rasoio? Va a rotoli tutto.
E poi sveglia, cammina, lavora, respira, compra poi butta giù tutto, vivi il tuo incubo come te lo hanno insegnato sui banchi di scuola. E che cazzo vuol dire è una questione di tempo. Cosa vuol dire non è il momento giusto. Rincorrimi, abbaglia, tanto schiaccio più forte. Fingi un po’ ancora e guadagnati la tua parte. Il tuo incubo è gia stato servito/consumato. Ed anche oggi è andato cosi, e vorreste dirmi che è tutto qui? E’ tutto a posto, dormi tranquillo, coltiva il vuoto che ti fa speciale. Io esco a vedere se fuori piove.
Track Name: Almost A Bad Reputation
I’m still making my life more complicated than what it should be. Couse there is something called attitude. Don’t forget it when you’re chosing how to move. Only thinking evil minds stay pure. Quite bad reputation, livin life by the way I’ve chosen. Quite bad reputation and where the hell are your virtues? Quite bad reputation, I’ve never bleed as you do. Quite bad reputation, to never be like you. And I’ll be always around the corner that you’ll never turn, holding to something that you’ll never know. All my questions have been answered now. After givin all I had to give, After bleedin all the blood I had to give [I've realized that we have] nothing in common with anyone. Quite bad reputation, livin life by the way I’ve chosen. Quite bad reputation and where the hell are your virtues? Quite bad reputation, I’ve never bleed as you do. Quite bad reputation, to never be like you. And never is forever.
Track Name: To The Crows
Stranded. I wonder if is there something more to be said. I wonder if is there something more to do. Cause it seems that the last chapter of your life has been written many years before the day you’ll die. So go to keep quiet somebody else. No one can be quiet with crows flyin over their heads. Everyday the same mistakes and our decisions are all made too far away from every kind of effort. And we are just cannon fodder of our times, anonymous marthyrs without seing the enemies lines. Without any great war, and thinking a little more without any reason to die for. It seems that people like me me gotta be the protagonist of a movie, a bad movie, that we’ll never see. Too many zombies around me e many crows over my head. Where’s my future? No future like this. I can’t stand them. Gotta kill ‘em.
Track Name: Inferno III
I need to know if is really this what we meant for existence. If is this narrow way the ship we chose to sail on and to die on. I need to feed, to feed my mind, with a breath of a different kind cause I can’t I can’t stand the sight of the iceberg on my collision course. And the sun is cold, every morning. And every night is too long, in one size bed. Empty actions, empty choices, empty reasons, built on empty dreams. Like if something is missing or wasted, I’m restless but awake while you all already died because you find it easier than try to live. So, how does a whole life taste when was spent just running away? What will you tell yourself? What kind of lie are you going to find the last night of your life? There’s no way out, from passivity and compliance. There’s no way out, no way out, never thought to take a stand? So do you really want to be the richest one in your graveyard? What the hell are you gonna leave? A pretty tombstone or a face to remember? I have the feeling that everything you worked for and everything you’ve prayed for will be nothing but cold comfort in the last night. In my grave, I want to leave to my worms spicy meat.
Track Name: Morte Al Guinzaglio
Hai già perso tutto, tutto quello messo sul piatto. E c’era forse qualche dubbio? Abituato alla sconfitta, il rimorso per non essere stato all’altezza di nessuna vita. [Ed allora] quello che rimane sono soltanto vuote parole, non lasci nulla da ricordare. Anonimo il tuo volto, quanto il suo tempo. Sei preda destinata ad morire braccata. E sono sempre state vuote parole e non rimane nulla da ricordare. Anonimo il tuo volto, quanto il suo tempo. Sei preda destinata a vivere braccata, solo destinata a morire fuggendo. E complimenti, hai una gran bella scusa anche per questa volta Una giornata passata correndo. Un’altra giornata spesa subendo. Anestetizzato. Ma per quel che ti sforzi, mi spiace, abbai e non mordi. Nulla rimane se non poche parole. Non lasci nulla da ricordare. Un anonimo volto in un anonimo tempo. Anonimo. Ed allora son soltanto vuote parole, senza mai l’orgasmo di un fatto. Anonima, preda anonima. E poi tutto finisce, come o con la solita sigaretta.
Track Name: Caino
Well, they teach you all started with the worst long step nailing the idea of evolution on your goddamn head. And the cheat goes on with primacy of human being but beast is what we are and what we’ll ever be. And we are still hiding the real kind of ourselves even if every day we learned about our helplessness. Partners in crimes with our fathers in our fate the only thing we built is revenge on hate. Avenged sevenfold, sevenfold seventy. Concrete landscapes covered by trashes, we fool ourselves there’s a difference between them. The addiction to blood as the only one need and the more you have, the more you need. Daily poison shooted through our dead veins without knowing the real meaning of hunting the beast. New gods, new cults on a dead end street which is leading us nowhere which is maybe is the only place where we need to stay. [Well probably] the first step for a brand new view it’s just to admit what we are and you know that we’re just beast.
Track Name: In Silenzio
Nato castrato e cresciuto in ginocchio, integrato al meglio e quant’è facile non fiatare? Massima resa, minimo sforzo, sempre ben lontani da qualsiasi rischio. La tua vita è amaro in bocca ed è un vita a piedi in testa e sei convinto di aver troppo da rischiare? Chiacchiere, tutti cazzo di giorni. Scuse, soltanto scuse. Oggi prepararsi al peggio è diventato un palliativo, ci si beve sopra un po’ e ci si abitua a tutto quanto. Un bonifco mensile o una laurea per tuo padre, niente in tasca, niente in testa, niente più da dire o fare. E quante lame alle mie spalle, quanti sputi nel mio piatto, quante albe ho gia visto e mi preparo a rivedere. E tu, non sei stufo di abbaiare? Chiacchiere, tutti cazzo di giorni. Scuse, soltanto scuse. E se poi ti rendi conto che questa è la tua vita e te la stai fottendo una scusa dopo l’altra? Ti fa cosi paura dover sudare? Ti da cosi fastidio poter ambire? Che poi, si sa, finisce che l’unica prospettiva che rimane è subire in silenzio. E buongiorno, benvenuto, ecco la tua vita vissuta a piedi in testa. Bruciata, fottuta, una scusa dopo l’altra. Ti fa cosi paura dover sudare? Ti da cosi fastidio poter ambire? Non c’è nessun dovuto lieto fine.
Track Name: Rome Is On Fire
How do we get in to this mess? Everything we stole is not enough now. Power. What is power? We, the empire, we are all powerless now. So, get ready. This is the end. We enslaved our friends and [those who were] our friends are our enemies now. So the result is that we got no one to blame but ourselves. Too many battles too easy to win made us blind until the point that we become our own executioners. Cesar, our city is on fire. Cesar, enemies inside the walls. Cesar, your empire is dying and is dying with us. Every empire born from the carcase of another empire and it’s just a question of time, but all it is going to be ain’t nothing but ashes. Lazy we have eaten and got drunk until the last night while our last teen soldiers has been forced and fooled to lose our fights. Our past is guilty, our present is guilty and we are guilty too. Fuhrer, last city is falling. Fuhrer, no soldiers inside the walls. Fuhrer, our reich is dying and is dying with us.